‘The Only Thing I Like Better Than Talking About Food Is Eating’

– John Walters 

Most people may not associate food or cooking experience as a reflector of a country’s history or societal norms. Yet it forms an integral component of country’s culture. A preserver of the cultural identity of a region, it is a means of bonding for generations. And tourists have always fond memories of food to share wherever they go.

Cuisine and local dishes are indicators of the socio-cultural set up of the city. For example, there are some dishes that have stayed in the country for centuries whereas certain dishes display a certain degree of outside influence. 

As outsiders, we can learn about a country via its local food rather than simply visiting landmarks of religious and historical significance. 

Food As An Experience:

The experiential imprint of a city on our subconscious is more profound when based on the sensory experience of the cityscape. More so, with the sense of taste. One does not necessarily have to visit restaurants or cafes to imbibe the cultural diversity on offer. It can be experienced via local street food too.

“Food is not just eating energy. It’s an experience” – Guy Fieri

Cooking Experiences: A Trending Concept

The commotion and bustle of the streets are not for everybody. Here comes the concept of ‘cooking experiences’. It has been introduced in various parts of the world: yet to catch up in India though. An experiential journey of the food culture of a country within a span of 2-3 hours and add to that some priceless insights on modern-day recipes have made the concept a rampant success. 

Cooking experiences help you break free from any inhibitions that you may have formed prior to visiting the city;  while absorbing a skill that will last forever. Once back home, you can always stimulate the culinary experience of your travels right in your kitchen via the recipes you have learned. In this age of digitalization, the human touch is something that is being lost and something that cooking can provide you; and you get to taste amazing cuisine, its a win-win for everyone involved.

Why indulge in these?

Traveling to different countries and experiencing the various cultures firsthand, make us grow as an individual, be it spiritually or mentally. It gives a sense of contentment and fulfillment. Similary, cooking experiences help tourists to pick subtle variations required to reproduce favorite local dishes. The hands-on experience of such a session is unparalleled as compared to online courses or a cookbook recipe. Such an experience develops a sensitivity towards detail, finesse and a degree of personalisation. And cooking, is considered to be an art for this very reason. 

Memories of our travels coupled to that of a local meal prepared by oneself are the epiphany of the embracing of a culture or simply its fond remembrance. 

Tastesutra: Cooking Experience In India.

Conducting such experiences in our studio, we offer a similar experience for travelers and have an intensive session. It is chalked out to offer an insight into India’s rich heritage and culture.

In a one of its kind experience ,we provide an intensive hands-on cooking experience while cooking some elemental Indian dishes. 

Founded by Anchal Bhalla, the sessions are not solely oriented towards tourists. We cater to the likes of corporates for their team-building activities, birthday parties for kids, basically for any reason to celebrate.


Here are some of the sessions that we organize:


  • Five Course Cooking Class + Meal
  • Local Market Tour + Five Course Meal Class
  • Evening Tea And Snacks
  • Basic Yoga Sessions + Satvik Holistic Five Course Meal
  • Cooking Experiences & Parties
  • Authentic Indian Festival Celebration With Local Families


Visit our Instagram and Facebook page for updates on our cooking sessions and for over 1400 smiles that our cooking experiences have put on the faces of our guests. If you ever visit Delhi and want to indulge in one, drop by at Tastesutra, a studio where we bond over cooking. 

“Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day.  Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.”  Cooking experiences are based on similar lines. They are fun to attend & also equip us with some skills that cannot be taught but have to be imbibed. 

From the ingredients of the Japanese Sushi to that of the Mughlai Butter Chicken, the experiential delight is an entity that diminishes the cultural gaps. With an added incentive of socializing with people of different cultures, why would you not want to experience the world while cooking?


For any queries, do visit our website and reach out to us!


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