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Summers are invariably stretching year after year with the soaring temperature. This intensely hot season cannot be taken for granted or else it will surely take toll on health. Along with the high temperature comes extreme thrust which leads to dehydration of body. Our body is always reaching for something cooling, soothing and thirst quenching.

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Tastesutra – a getaway for traditional food of Delhi suggests avoiding meat and heavy food intake during these hot months to avoid indigestion. SO EAT LIGHT. Include non-oily stuff like fresh fruits and vegetables in your food intake. Salads are best to beat summer; they hydrate the metabolism of your body. Make salads with ingredients like watermelon, sprouts, pineapple and cucumber toss it with olive oil, salt, pepper and a dash of lemon juice for an extra tang. It’s better to avoid heavy salad dressings.

This will not only pamper your stomach from the heat but will also reduce your calorie intake. The traditional food of Delhi swears by curd rice with homemade mango pickle to go with it. It’s chockfull of nutrition and the perfect combination of amino acids for protein and the additional benefit of cooling the system. If you have trouble in how to make quickly easy meals for summer visit Tastesutra and learn some easy refreshing meals. These local cooking classes are customised as per your need. Indulge in mouth-watering recipes that include nature’s gift – the sweet, golden, irresistible package – MANGO. As you know even a slight over-indulgence can lead to heat-related issues like upset stomachs and boils.

Tastesutra local cooking classes welcome you to learn some quick recipes with them that can be prepared by you at home to beat the heat with refreshing flavours.