During winters food becomes much more special part of our daily life. It can be said that it’s the main ingredient for all family gatherings, vacations and festival celebrations.

Both culture and food are interconnected and that’s how Tastesutra is designed. It is designed to serve as the bridge between cultural differences. We accomplish this through indulging in cooking of many versions of food all coming from different traditions. You can learn all in a cooking party at Tastesutra. Learn cultures and colors of food at Tastesutra at our corporate team building cooking party events.

What you will learn from our Corporate Team Building events is how to work hands-on interaction, recognizing of multiple factors of speed and patience.

You will get to learn about different cultures by visiting neighborhood markets or attending community events.
Through fun activities and events learn and research about traditional foods from various cultures and ways to prepare them.

Along with you team members you will get the time to establish common ground; food is a great way to start always.

You will get to ask about favorite foods, different food uses, and food experiences, celebrations and traditions to get people to open up and get to know better and develop understanding.

Through the fun filled activities you can share your own food stories and let others know if they also had experiences or challenges similar to yours.

You can break the ice for new team members along with the existing ones.

Develop ways and abilities of working together and decision making power.

Improve communication through the team members.

Instigate healthy communication.

Get to know each other.

Time management.

Tastesutra gives you an opportunity to cook, create, carve, crave and pamper your taste-buds like never before.