Regardless of culture or religion, food plays an important part of any celebration in all the corners of the world. Food can unite and strengthen bonds and helps to maintain a common identity. Different countries celebrate special occasions like New Year, Wedding, Birthday and Anniversary parties by serving traditional gourmet. People believe, cooking for a family dinner or a birthday party they spread love and happiness by serving homemade delicacies to their dear ones.

Good food bonds people. But why do we bond over food? Why is food an important part of the human experiences?

The answer to those questions is based on to the power that food holds from nourishing and sustaining our bodies. The compelling symbolic association of food connects with our body, like lifting the mood and nourishing a healthy child. Based on the dynamic values of food in our life, Anchal Bhalla created Tastesutra – a pure indulgence with gourmet.


Tastesutra is one such cooking studio that is purely based on the essence of food and its relationship with life. This beautifully decorated and well-equipped kitchen studio welcomes you to grab the tools and indulge in some delicious cooking. This is a venue for people to not just simply sit and dine, which can be done in any restaurant but you get the chance to cook the meals along with your friends and family. Tastesutra is a firm believer of COOK. BOND. EAT. Hence, it is true to its sense of bonding over the flavours of food. You can enjoy cooking by celebrating a birthday party or anniversary or just simply chit-chat with friends whom you couldn’t catch for a long time. Tastesutra is a perfect place that defines the relationship between food and life. The bond which is sewed with mouth-watering flavours & traditions.

Tastesutra lets you enjoy moments in an energetic, fun-filled environment at its cooking studio. The studio is beautifully decorated from the walls to the countertop, colorful pots and pans and much more. Indulge in the delicious cooked meals with love in the Tastesutras’ private dining room which will leave you with a gourmet affair never to be forgotten.