Recreational cooking studio offering Customized Kitchen Experiences for Tourists, Group Cooking Sessions along with your Acquaintances & Customized Team Building Sessions for Corporates.


We believe that anyone can cook and look forward to offering you the opportunity to cook, create, crave and cherish food in a way like never before. Also, learn new cuisines with hands-on cooking classes.


We also believe that people, who cook together, stay together. The act of adding ingredients and finding the perfect balance between salty and sweet, sour and spicy, bitter and tasty, is the best way to build harmony in a diverse group of friends, co-workers or even relatives!


The taste of a meal depends a lot on emotions put into its preparation. At Tastesutra, we share our love for food & bring it alive by creating memories which bring warmth and contentment through alluring cooking experiences in New Delhi

Introducing Virtual Cook Along Experiences

Bring the experience of cooking with your group of people to your personal screens

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