At Tastesutra, the love for cooking delicious food transcends boundaries. It unites each being & spreads love like nothing else.


Our gratitude holds no bounds when we receive such sweet gestures from our guests.


As received from Robyn Hartzell who visited Tastesutra:


“I’ve made it back state side and have a friend who’s from India. His family gave me a bunch of spices and I made my first Indian meal for my US friends and it was a hit!


Wanted to shared a picture of what I made for them. I used recipes we made from our class and a couple from the extra you sent me. The meal was amazing, for my first try. There’s a couple things I’ll try differently next time (Dahl Taka was a little thick), but the flavors were there. Thank you so much for the 1:1 class. I will be putting the skills I learned to good use :)”



Thank you Robyn! We look forward to host you again!