Tastesutra, an endeavor by Anchal Bhalla, who is a passionate foodie has beautifully put together a kitchen that is stocked up with simple yet modern state-of-the-art gleaming appliances, a cooking studio filled with ingredients from all over the world and cultures with elegant and modern cooking stations and a mentor like her who thinks of food all the time to make sure you experience your food like never before…and not just cook it!

At Tastesutra all food lovers are welcomed from beginners making their first stroke into the kitchen to experimental transitional cooks dreaming to widen their skill sets and veteran cooks with a focus on learning specific aspects and techniques of cooking, are assured to find something to inspire them.

Tastesutra offers special local cooking classes that are specially designed to let you enjoy cooking experiences. Our cooking studio is designed and planned on the concept of “Cookalongs” a first of a kind cooking experience where one will enjoy the process of cooking like never before. You will get to enjoy every stage of cooking, from shopping for the ingredients to cutting and chopping the beautiful vegetables and poultry to finally learning how to serve and present your hand-made delicacies.

The local cooking classes and culinary experiences include innovative classes ranging from various programmes. A different set of programmes which offers series of cooking classes that offers programmes like 5-course meals from all over the world for experimental cooks. Tastesutra believes that food is an integral part of our lives and culture and represents all aspects of traditions, and thus helps in bonding over the love of food in a memorable way. At our kitchen, you can bring along your family and friends and enjoy cooking Indian cuisine all by you followed by relishing and indulging the meal cooked by you and your friends and relish Indian food and culture.