Cooking is an art and skill that is great to learn. This is one skill that every individual either women or men wants to be perfect at. There can be numerous reasons to join cooking classes in India like on vacation as a tourist from other country and have a desire to learn about Indian food and its culture or just as a hobby or to host a party for friends or families where you enjoy cooking meals. Cooking food is always an activity that everyone enjoys.

It is a known philosophy of life that food is an essential part of our lives. Tastesutra is among innovative cooking classes in Indiawhere tourists who want to eat good Indian food, want to know more about Indian food and history and experience cuisines of various regions of India.

India means indifferently to every individual, everyone has its own thoughts on India. Our country is spiritual, captivating, mystic or essentially excellent. Indian food is likewise an integral part of Indian society, Indian lifestyle. Your trip to India is incomplete if you fail savor its culinary experiences.

Tastesutra offers ‘unique food & cultural experiences’ in New Delhi and welcomes its visitors to experience, investigate and relish the culinary and cultural legacy of India. The best way to explore India’s culture is through food, as food is an integral part of travelling and who knows it better than Anchal – the foodie brain behind the concept of Tastesutra. She carries passion person for food and culture. She believes that best food is homemade and hence you can learn the real Indian food at our cooking classes in India in the heart of Delhi.

If you are keen on figuring out how to cook Indian food then this place you ought to come to on the grounds that we acquaint you with the idea of Indian cooking. Our training sessions are based on cooking where you not only see the food being prepared but do it yourself also. We start from the basics of the food preparations, like shopping for the ingredients from local markets, like Marinating, Cutting, Chopping, etc. Our classes are genuine fun where you are a part of a gathering and you likewise become acquainted with the subtle elements of the dishes that you are learning. You likewise get the chance to appreciate the meal that you have cooked in the session.