Surely when you think about travel, the local food will be one of the things you crave the most – that heavenly Turkish delight in Turkey, the pizza in Rome or the royal food in Indian culture – so why not learn to make them yourselves, from a local food expert?Learning to make the local cuisine in a hands-on session not only gives you rare insights on the local cooking values, techniques, and ingredients; it is also a fun, memorable way to pass an evening.

The best souvenir for a foodie to bring back home from their travels that will last you a lifetime is the knowledge of making the regular typical dishes, and learning a recipe that your relatives will be looking forward at your dinner parties.


At Tastesutra cooking sessions take back home some of the food secrets in Indian culture. The flavour of India captured through its food is the next big idea in food tourism in India and Delhi is one of the fastest to capture this trend. The local Indian food is influenced by many rulers over the centuries. One can easily feel the influence of various cultures in dance, festivities, music, architecture, food, traditional customs and languages. It is due to the influence of various regional cultures that the food in Indian culture is exhaustive and vibrant.

This richness in culture goes a long way in projecting India as the ultimate cultural tourism destination given boost to tourism in culture in India.  Therefore, at Tastesutra cooking sessions you will get to cook local cuisine and learn daily techniques applied at a basic kitchen.


Among the various tourist spots for cultural & food tourism in India, Delhi is becoming the most popular. Delhi has a lot of tourist places which also testify to the rich culture of the country. The capital city of India also attracts a large number of tourists for its rich history.