Everyone loves to eat food in a hygienic way. In fact, every young adult can easily recall their childhood days when their parents used to encourage them to eat a certain variety of food with cutlery because, well, it was more hygienic. However, there’s a certain flair and charm in eating with hands. Not just flair, there is indeed a proper philosophy and study behind the practice.


Even though this practice is not followed fondly in the western countries, the technique is actually considered precious and important in India and various other South Asian countries. A vital part of the Indian culture that has existed since before the Indus Valley Civilization, the practice is not that easy as it seems to people. According to Ayurveda, this ancient custom requires a specific set of skills that have to be mastered in order to extract its benefits. The Ancient Belief Vedic studies clearly elaborate on the importance of each finger in eating culture. Thee each of the five fingers, from thumb to the pinky finger, are the augmentation of Five Elements – Space, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. Combining These five originators while eating with bare hands, there is a massive inflow of positive energy.

Improving Our consciousness towards the food that we eat, it enables us to actually feed our soul, let alone our body. Since there is proper contact with the food that we eat, there tends to be extra attention on the food. In addition to that, eating with hands while being a guest at someplace is considered as a sign of respect for the host and God.


However, spilling good on the palm of your hands is considered ill in the Southern part of India.


Benefits of This Custom:

Bacterias are always present on our hands, there is clearly no doubt in the fact. However, the difference lies between the harmful and useful effects of those bacterias on our bodies. A certain type of good bacteria is always present on our palms and inside our digestive system. According to Ayurveda, these good bacteria neutralize the effect of the bad bacterias. This, coupled with washing hands before the meal to remove the bad bacteria from our hand, adds a lot to the health of the person.


When we eat our food, we expect it to be digested and not cause any digestion issues. Eating With Hands excites the nerves inside the fingers which sends a message and improves the digestion process by releasing digestive enzymes and juices, and we all know that a happy stomach makes way for a happy person.


About the hands, now. Well, we can use the fingers of either hand to eat our food. In India, and various other places, it is usually the right hand that is utilized. The Reason – Left Hand Is considered less hygienic than the right as we use it in the toilet. Until and unless you are a born left-hander, there is a very good chance that you use your right hand to eat.


Eating With hands is a technique that won’t disappear from Indian culture for centuries. So much so that this custom, along with significant other Ayurvedic Practices, are making their way into foreign countries as well. Full of health benefits, there is certainly no denying that eating with hands is more fun than eating with a spoon and fork.