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The unrelenting pace of the modern lifestyle has meant that one seldom gets an opportunity to mix up their culinary palate. Alongside, we at Tastesutra New Delhi bring you some of the most ingenious dishes that can be improvised in your kitchen; nutritious and a visual delight!

These superfoods may not necessarily be integral constituents of your staple diet but we once you’ve tasted these, there is not the slightest chance that these ingredients are staying off your kitchen shelves.

Buckwheat Papdi Chaat (‘Kuttu ke aate ki papdi’):


Cooking Experience New Delhi

A radical step away from the regular papdi chat, this is a great way to break the monotony of normal chaat!

Sweet Potato Canapes:

The satisfaction, both aesthetic and in terms of quenching one’s hunger, that consuming a canape brings is unparalleled. These gluten-free sweet potato discs with the goodness of spices and pomegranate on it are prepared using sweet potato, the natural sugars elevate the culinary experience, making it more wholesome.

Baked Potato With Cottage Cheese And Yogurt Filling:

Tastesutra New Delhi

This innovative recipe that is prepared using yogurt as a filling is a textural delight for one’s palate. The cream of the interior is balanced out with the crunchy texture of the baked potatoes that constitute the outer layer.

Buckwheat (Kattu ka atta) Fritters:

Cooking Experience New Delhi

Try these fritters for their crunchiness. A healthier version of normal fritters.

Makhana Kheer (Low Fat)

New Delhi Experiences


In today’s day and age, desserts are seldom consumed due to the abundance of calories they contain. However, this recipe is custom made for your demanding needs: low-fat content with an aroma that one simply cannot resist!

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