Regardless of culture or religion, food plays an important part of any celebration in all the corners of the world. Food can unite and strengthen bonds and helps to maintain a common identity. Different countries celebrate special occasions like New Year, Wedding, Birthday and Anniversary parties by serving traditional gourmet. People believe, cooking for a […]

Cooking is an art and skill that is great to learn. This is one skill that every individual either women or men wants to be perfect at. There can be numerous reasons to join cooking classes in India like on vacation as a tourist from other country and have a desire to learn about Indian food and its culture […]

Happy employees always make good companies greater. Whether you want to motivate, entertain or innovate, our events offer excellent results to take your team forward. Tastesutra are hands on cooking class for corporate team building activity and truly out-of-the-box ideas that combines personalized service with fun filled activities. Whether you need energizing ideas for fun activities, a quality meeting venue, a party theme organizer […]

During winters food becomes much more special part of our daily life. It can be said that it’s the main ingredient for all family gatherings, vacations and festival celebrations. Both culture and food are interconnected and that’s how Tastesutra is designed. It is designed to serve as the bridge between cultural differences. We accomplish this […]

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