Happy employees always make good companies greater. Whether you want to motivate, entertain or innovate, our events offer excellent results to take your team forward. Tastesutra are hands on cooking class for corporate team building activity and truly out-of-the-box ideas that combines personalized service with fun filled activities.

Whether you need energizing ideas for fun activities, a quality meeting venue, a party theme organizer or a mix of every one of the three, we are overflowing with awesome thoughts.


Tastesutra – hands on cooking class is one it’s kind activity that never fails to test the team dynamics.

Key Information

  •  Cooking is great for a corporate team building activity
  • Welcome to our homely kitchen setup
  • Suitable for groups
  • Assimilate new members into an existing team
  •  Explore creative ways to work together and problem solving decisions
  • Improves team communication
  • Builds trust factor
  • Introduce a healthy competition
  • Suggested cuisine and time-frames
  • Includes the lunch, of course!

Tastesutra understands the need for such activities to bring out employees from their ritual time zones and work culture to their comfort zone, which will make them more deliverable at their respectable positions. That is why we Endeavour to offer amazing alternative and exciting hands on cooking class for our guests. We customize challenges and activities for a team building with maximum leisure aspects for an afternoon entertainment activity or orientation.

These cooking classes are held at our amazingly decorated and well equipped kitchen. Our cooking activities are ideal choice for breaking the ice between newly formed and existing teams. At Tastesutra we have especially conceptualized the corporate cooking sessions which are designed specifically for the corporate market, with no compromise on what is to be achieved from the activity for the employee day-out. Here at Tastesutra everything can be customized to suit your needs for the team. We adapt our events to fit your requirements, not the other way around.