‘The Only Thing I Like Better Than Talking About Food Is Eating’ – John Walters  Most people may not associate food or cooking experience as a reflector of a country’s history or societal norms. Yet it forms an integral component of country’s culture. A preserver of the cultural identity of a region, it is a […]

In this edition, Tastesutra brings to you an exhaustive guide that will help you to enhance your experience on your overseas travels. Unlike other guides, the recipes and dishes that we make references to, have been tasted firsthand by our team members. This essentially helps you give an insight of the flavourful food that you […]

Delhi, the focal point of the conglomerate of cultures that coexist in the country, offers for a symbiotic environment and living conditions that allow a culture to thrive and flourish. The cooking experience that one can indulge in Delhi is unparalleled; the area of Old Delhi that lies adjacent to the Jama Masjid is popular […]

New Delhi Experiences

The unrelenting pace of the modern lifestyle has meant that one seldom gets an opportunity to mix up their culinary palate. Alongside, we at Tastesutra New Delhi bring you some of the most ingenious dishes that can be improvised in your kitchen; nutritious and a visual delight! These superfoods may not necessarily be integral constituents […]

As the winter chill finds its epitome, we’ve often observed our elders end a meal with a piece of jaggery (gur). Let’s find out what makes this coarse dark brown sugar a must have during winters. Jaggery is derived from sugarcane and date palm and is a type of cane sugar & comes in all […]