Are you looking to add a very special ingredient to your trip to India? Add cooking classes for tourists to your palate to make it a memorable one! Discover food tourism in Delhi, from shopping for ingredients amidst the freshness of our local market district to exploring the age-old spices that have captivated the minds of explorers and traders. Learn how to prepare a home-cooked meal infused with dishes from North, South, West and East India. More, so you get to learn this with travellers from across the globe and share food over culture & talks.
This experience will also give you a chance to make & taste traditional food in Delhi as well as understand various cultures & the concept of Bonding over Cooking.

Even if you haven’t cooked before, or are a complete novice in the kitchen, our cooking classes for tourists are designed for you to learn at your own pace, while never missing the fun!

We cook together, we eat together!

What You can expect

Learn interesting snippets about India’s food culture.

Cook up authentic local favorites from different Indian states.

Bargain with spice vendors across local district markets.

Make new friends from across the globe.