Family & Friends

Getting together over Food is one of the most authentic bonding activities in Delhi that comes naturally from the heart. Reason can be any, from birthday to anniversary or simply a get together with your loved ones. People love to create special moments that they can cherish for a lifetime. Eating out in a restaurant or dancing in a lounge is so not our genre. We prefer doing it the “TasteSutra Way” and bond while learning cooking food with a hands-on Cooking Class Experience. At Tastesutra, we promise to deliver an amazing Indian cooking experience. You can turn any occasion into a memorable one with a session at the hands on Cooking Studio, without doubt!

With perfectly crafted & decorated kitchen, assorted with colourful pots and pans, TasteSutra promises to be one of the most cherished local cooking classes in Delhi. The luncheon that follows in our private cosy dining room shall ensure completeness to your experience.