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Navrataras hold a special significance in the Indian culture. Besides religious importance, ‘Ashtami’ food is much awaited for its taste on offering. After a fast of 7 days, this comes as a major appetite fulfillment for all the households, especially across North India. Ashtami prasad mainly consist of dried kale chole (black chickpeas) that is paired up with […]

A major curiosity amongst tourists visiting India, breads are reflective of the intrinsic character of Indian cuisine. Without them, no Indian Menu is found complete. Although there are multiple varieties of breads across Indian regions, we’ve picked a few favorite ones in this article. 1. The Great North Indian Naan Be it butter naan, garlic […]


Falling on August 25th this year, Krishna Janmashtami marks the birth of Lord Krishna and is celebrated with utmost joy and excitement all over the country. Though the means of celebration are variable across India (Eg : Maharashtra  – Playing of Dahi handi as depicted in a lot Hindi Movies), majorly swings and cradles are […]

“You see things; and you say, ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were; and I say, ‘Why not?’” – George Bernard Shaw We all have dreams. And those dreams do come true. That’s been the story at TasteSutra – A Hands on Uber Class Cooking Studio situated in the heart of India i.e New Delhi, The […]

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Summers are invariably stretching year after year with the soaring temperature. This intensely hot season cannot be taken for granted or else it will surely take toll on health. Along with the high temperature comes extreme thrust which leads to dehydration of body. Our body is always reaching for something cooling, soothing and thirst quenching. […]

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Maggi, when repeated thrice, does not set your ears ringing right away; you belong either to an alternate period or hail from a parallel universe. Maggi which was formerly banned for a while upsetting umpteen number of Maggi lovers is now back and plentifully available in those little yellow packets. Recently Maggi Festival – organized […]

Regardless of culture or religion, food plays an important part of any celebration in all the corners of the world. Food can unite and strengthen bonds and helps to maintain a common identity. Different countries celebrate special occasions like New Year, Wedding, Birthday and Anniversary parties by serving traditional gourmet. People believe, cooking for a […]