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The Concept

Tastesutra is a hands-on cooking studio offering cultural cooking classes and corporate team building workshops. We believe that anyone can cook and look forward to offering you the opportunity to cook, create, crave and cherish food in a way like never before.

· Share our love for food - bring it alive with us.
· Create a memory that brings with it warmth and contentment

We believe that food forms an integral part of any culture and experiencing local cuisine is a crucial part of discovering a new region as a traveler or explorer. We want you go back not just having tasted Indian food but inspired and confident enough to try it at home.

We also believe that people, who cook together, stay together. The act of adding ingredients and finding the perfect balance between salty and sweet, sour and spicy, bitter and tasty, is the best way to build harmony in a diverse group of friends, co-workers or even relatives!

Our signature Cultural Cooking Class offers a cultural immersion experience for travelers and expatriates to learn more about India’s food heritage, while our customized team-building cooking activities help organizations bond and build relationships over the creation of themed cuisine.

tastesutra about us