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About Me

Born and brought up in the Capital city of India, Delhi: I have been a ‘foodie’ at heart for as long as I can remember. Whether savouring the endless variety of street food across India or appreciating the Fine Art of Cooking available in Fine Dining or Celebrity Chef Restaurants, or creating delicious dishes for family and friends, food finds its way into most of my conversations and experiences.

In India, like many other countries it’s said, food is a religion and for me it’s a religion above all. Through the years I have not only grown inquisitive about the food in India but also around the world. I have travelled to Asian countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia Thailand, Indonesia and also many European Countries such as Switzerland, Turkey, France, UK, and Austria. Be it the Swiss Fondue, Teppanyaki in Singapore, French pastries, Thai curries, Laksa soups or the street food of India , I have savoured and relished them all. I have attempted to cook these with innovations and with my own twists, while building on the wisdom of traditional recipes. As my hobby turned into a love that sustains, Tastesutra is the desire to share the same with fellow ‘Foodies’.

"The only thing I like better than talking about food is eating"