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“Chop, stir, whisk and shake, Grill, fry, boil and bake.
A good dish is more than just ingredients and technique…. At Tastesutra, we believe it’s the laughter, stories and memories that add soul to the food.”

Happiness is Homemade
Experience Recreational Hands-on Cooking Classes at Tastesutra Cooking Studio

Tastesutra is a recreational cooking studio offering authentic Indian traditional home style cooking.  We are a breakthrough kind of a concept offering a platter of delicious and mouthwatering Indian homemade & Kitchen Experiences for Global Tourists.  Apart from tourists, we also provide customized corporate team building packages. We welcome you for a never before experience in making traditional curries, dishes, desserts and any choice of food at our recreational cooking studio.

Anchal Bhalla is the creative soul behind ‘Tastesutra’. She is a FOODIE by passion and designed these recreational cooking classes with energizing ideas and packages at a beautifully self-designed Cooking Studio. Tastesutra hands on cooking class were crafted out of the sheer love for savoring authentic tastes from various cultures and traditions of India.

The idea behind these hands on cooking classes was her passion for food and culture that inspired her to come up with an innovative idea where people coming to India from all over the world can experience Indian food and culture over cooking. We believe that bringing tourists face to face with Indian Cultural Cooking will leave them with memorable experiences and will also contribute in redefining food tourism of the country.

We also have plenty of flexible packages designed to help you bond with colleagues and break the ice activities to build morale and motivation within the team. We have successfully organized culinary activities inspired by hands on cooking class styled activities for companies and organizations from all over capital & NCR.

We have awesome thoughts and ideas to make you enjoy the experience of cooking in an unconventional venue. Be it activities or an out of the box venue for your parties with friends and family or a party theme organizer you are at the right place.

Tastesutra believes that the best food is homemade and hence at our modern hands-on cooking studio you will get to enjoy recreational cooking classes like never before.

The Concept

Hands on Cooking Classes, Hands-On Cooking Classes

Tastesutra is a hands-on cooking studio offering cultural cooking classes and corporate team building workshops. We believe that anyone can cook and look forward to offering you the opportunity to cook, create, crave and cherish food in a way like never before.

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About Me

Anchal Bhalla

Anchal Bhalla

Born and brought up in the Capital city of India, food has been an indispensable part of my life. Whether savouring the endless variety of street food across India or appreciating the Fine Art of Cooking available in Fine Dining or Celebrity Chef Restaurants, or creating delicious dishes for family and friends, food finds its way into most of my conversations and experiences.

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"The only thing I like better than talking about food is eating"

Taste Sutra
  • My partner and I had a cooking lesson with Anchal and had a fantastic time. She taught us how to cook a range of delicious dishes and we had a lot of fun in the process. Would highly recommend!

    • Hannah
  • Anchal is a wonderful hostess, chef and teacher! Her cooking class was so much fun, taught me so much, and was capped off with a first class sumptuous meal! I would definitely recommend this for tourists and Delhiites looking for a fun group activity. You won't be disappointed!

    • Cristina
  • My boyfriend and I enjoyed very much our class and time walking around the market. The recipes where great, Anchal is very warm and, the overall experience was very amusing!

    • Angela.S
  • We really enjoyed the experience at Tastesutra. Anchal was very responsive after we contacted her through the Facebook page. The market tour was great and we ate so much delicious and healthy food that day. Go and try it !

    • Franck.L